Discuss electrician wages and earnings. Pros and Cons of the trade

Low rate electrician Mississauga & Oakville

Superb quality and affordable wiring in Oakville and Mississauga

Inexpensive labor rates for houses & condo units: first hour is $160. And only $65 per hour after the first hour, plus materials. Some restrictions apply

This affordable electrician in Mississauga charges 10% to 15% higher rates for commercial work in Brampton

Repeat customers call us again if other work is needed in Oakville, Ontario

They refer their friends and neighbors. New customers keep this telephone number just in case

(647) 932-5666

Expert in Brampton, ON, bonded, licensed, insured
Saturday and Sunday emergency electrician in Oakville
Impeccable workmanship, avoid problems, issues, errors
Inexpensive high quality wiring that's 100% safe guaranteed
A highly experienced, educated and knowledgeable specialist
Everything is done perfectly the first time - to your satisfaction
Don't pay commercial rates for house and condo electrical work
Get highest quality workmanship, safety, peace of mind & pay less!
Troubleshooting, repairs, new installation in Brampton & Mississauga
This expert works very fast & knows how to do it the best possible way

For details and list of services click here

A fully licensed, insured, affordable PRO
18 years of hands on experience in Oakville
Fast and experienced electrician in Mississauga
I charge less, that keeps me always busy. You pay less, get satisfied and refer more customers to me. It is a win-win arrangement for everybody!

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