Discuss electrician wages and earnings. Pros and Cons of the trade

Low rate electrician in Brampton

Inexpensive troubleshooting and small home repair electrician in Brampton

Emergencies, short circuits and loss of power

We work fast, charge less, are reliable, and affordable

Inexpensive expert electrician for short jobs in Brampton, quick fixes in Oakville and mid size home rewiring projects in Mississauga

I charge a minimum $160 one hour fee per visit to drive there, eliminate the problem, and drive back

A few examples of what could be done in one hour:
Replace a switch, dimmer, plug, or breaker
Install one, two or even three light fixtures, depending of the type
Eliminate 70% of all home or condo glitches, power faults, trippings, and failures

These jobs would take more time:
Wiring an addition
Something is burned or broken
Add a switch, move ceiling box or wall plug
Relocate a socket in condo and repair lost power in bedroom
Run a new line to washer, dryer, microwave, dishwasher, stove and hook up

Small home wiring job electrician in Mississauga. Relocate one wall receptacle in Brampton. Add two sockets in Woodbridge. Replace a faulty outlet in Oakville. Minor office workstation plug repair in Etobicoke. Quick job to replace a condo light in Brampton. 30 minute long simple fix to install a single fixture in Etobicoke. Add light under the cupboard in Vaughan. High quality workmanship and low rate electrician in Woodbridge, Vaughan and Brampton, Ontario

I do it fast, you pay less!

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