Discuss electrician wages and earnings. Pros and Cons of the trade

Has the Electrical Safety Authority ever abused you?

Does the ESA help you or hurt you?

You pulled a permit well in advance. The ESA inspector was scheduled to come in before noon but didn't.

You waited/wasted the whole day and must do it again another day. ESA has ruined your entire week's schedule, created tremendous problems to you and to your other customers. You lost hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Yet, you got no compensation for the ESA inspector's fault.

Quoting the ESA CSR, "This notification is scheduled for final inspection for July 10/14 but it isn't a guaranteed appointment. The inspector will try to get there that day depending on his work load."

Has the ESA ever abused you in any other way? Do you pay too much for the right to be a self-employed residential electrician in Ontario?

I am going to fight the Electrical Safety Authority. Please give your story below or leave a comment here .

If emailing, clearly state whether or not we can make your name and material public.

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