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We charge less, service people, businesses, and buildings delivering the overall best speed, safety, quality, and cost satisfaction.

Our experts do it faster with high quality standards and affordable rates.

Your final out of pocket amount would be much lower than with another journeyman who spends more time to do the same job.

If possible, think and plan in advance. Visually inspect all lights, plugs, boxes, and make sure every outlet, light, lamp, and appliance works. Compile a list of things to do. And hire an electrician to perform all repairs on the same visit. Avoid paying service call charges again and again for fixing each glitch or issue individually.

Reliable and professional house electricians in Windsor, Ontario are the best! Contact us whenever a problem or defect is encountered.

Residential rates for small repairs start at $150 for the first hour and $55 per hour thereafter.

Commercial clients pay $160 or more for the first hour and $65 or more for every consecutive hour.

We give free estimates only on projects of $3000 or more.