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Cost to troubleshoot and fix a short circuit in Ontario

How much does it cost to replace a circuit breaker? From $150 (to take one out and place another in) to $1100 (if the panel's bus bar is burned or damaged and panel replacement is undertaken).

How much does a licensed electrician charge to install a light fixture in Toronto? Expect to pay from from $120 (to hang a relatively simple chandelier on 9' to 11' ceiling without any obstacles) to $1500 (to have a heavy crystal chandelier assembled, installed on the 24' high ceiling, and then dressed up with a 1000 pieces of crystal in Vaughan, Ontario).

Why do some contractors charge money to give an estimate in the GTA? Here is a link and info on free estimates.

Cost to troubleshoot and fix a short circuit or power outage. In the majority of cases it is expected to take one hour or less. Be prepared to pay a residential electrician from $120 to $250 in Etobicoke. If something is burned or broken inside the panel or wall, it could cost from $300 to $2000 depending on the extent of the damage and remedial work required.

Cost to wire a house. Estimates and prices are as follows:
  • A brand new 2000 sq. f. house with 30 pot lights in Mississauga - $12000.

  • An old 2000 sq. f. house without plaster or drywall, plus 30 pot lights in Richmond Hill - $13000.

  • An old 2000 sq. f. finished house to rewire behind plaster or drywall, and install 30 pot lights in Thornhill - $25000 or $30000.

Cost to hire a residential professional licensed electrician for one hour. Expect to pay from $120 to $300 in North York. Depending of the driving distance, parking availability, day and time.

Typically, be prepared to pay $1000 to replace main panel in Scarborough. Or up to $3000 to replace service conduit and the main panel in Markham.