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WANTED Experienced electrician, master or LEC


We are a general contractor doing renovation in the GTA. We are neither licensed, nor allowed to do electrical work and need an experienced electrician, master or LEC to do it for us occasionally.

From time to time we can offer you small to mid size jobs in your area. Mostly residential and sometimes commercial repair/renovation. And mostly minor jobs, an hour or three long like: emergency troubleshooting, move a switch, add a light, wall plug, new line wiring, install light fixture, chandelier, sometimes bigger jobs like panel and service upgrade, basement finishing wiring, rarely a commercial unit rough-in and finishing.

We are looking for a licensed experienced electrician employed by or working under a Licensed Electrical Contractor or a LEC who could work without supervision mostly in houses, condos and sometimes in commercial buildings. YOU MUST BE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ELECTRICAL WORK and for everything else.

We do renovations but are neither licensed, nor allowed to do electrical work. That is why we need you. When we have electrical work/customer, we will offer this READY TO GO job to you. We will give you a short description of the job, or problem, or the scope of work, and pictures where necessary, contact info, address and rates that every customer has already agreed to pay.

If you are available and interested, you take it, call and verify all the info with each customer, accept full responsibility, go, do it and collect payment directly from the customer. You will keep your hourly labor rate and keep money for your materials if you used any. You then will pay us the difference between the higher rate that customer paid and your part of the money. This difference will be our commission or job finder's fee.

Most customers will pay cash for small jobs. You must deal with all invoice, receipt, HST, tax, etc. issues where necessary, exactly the same way you do it with your own customers and jobs. We will issue you invoices, receipts, HST, etc. for our cut after you paid us the commission or job finder's fee.

Our work in this specific arrangement is marketing, finding customers, jobs and offering them to you. Your role is to do all work strictly by the book, absolutely safe, and be always code compliant, be absolutely and completely responsible for everything as a Licensed Electrical Contractor.

We are looking for a licensed PRO with a lower hourly rate of $70 for the first hour and $35/hr thereafter. We want to also make good money for ourselves on these jobs/customers and can not offer higher rates, sorry.

$70 is a minimum amount you will keep from customer's payment, even if you worked for 5 minutes.

If you sometimes do not have enough work and sit home idle you can take such infrequent side jobs and put some extra cash into your pocket.

Remember, finding more work and customers is one of the most difficult and important challenges. It is highly desirable in any business, a pivotal task for leaders and laggards alike. We will partially solve your challenge if you pay us for that.

Please email, but ONLY if you have answered all the five questions (marked with ???) and are able and willing to work like that.

1) What's your postal code???

2) What's your hourly rate for short jobs described above within 15 km of your postal code???

3) Do you carry in your vehicle MOST materials and supplies necessary for various short/mid sized electrical renovation jobs???

4) Some jobs require wire fishing. Do you do wire fishing???

If you have NOT answered all four questions (marked with ???) we will ask you the same Qs right away or just delete your message. Sorry.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND US RESUMES OR CVs. We are neither hiring, nor offering employment, nor see any openings on the horizon.